KK Private Limited Company (KK PLC) was started as a small entrepreneurial effort by Mr. Ketema Kebede forty years ago. This business which has been run by one visionary man acting as an owner, manager and operator has been transformed in to a formal business entity and KK was formally established as a trading company to operate in Ethiopia in 1992.
KK initially started its businesses as a distribution agent of imported and locally manufactured textile products representing different manufacturing

companies. Two years from its establishment, KK managed to register fast growth. This forced the owner to organize the office in terms of resources and manpower and accordingly the first three professional staff were hired by the owner and started operation in a leased office.

Owing to strong and flexible leadership of the founder General Manager, gradually KK transformed itself from one-man operation into a highly organized trading company in the country. Twelve years after its establishment, KK became one of the prominent businesses in Ethiopia and started diversifying its business. It did not also take long for the Company to establish itself as reliable partner of international trading companies.

KK took a leap and added a major portfolio in its business by acquiring a textile manufacturing plant from the government and engaged in to textile business to become the major producer of blanket and acrylic in the country that are distributed through represented agents in almost all parts of the country.

Now more than forty years since its establishment, KK has become a diversified multi portfolio business company playing its own part in contributing to the economic development of the country by creating job for many citizens.

The company is engaged in the following major portfolios,


  • Manufacturing of acrylic yarn,
  • Manufacturing of blankets,
  • Import of goods,
  • Import of construction machineries,
  • Export of agricultural products,
  • Real estate development.


Become one of the top renowned Companies engaged in trading, manufacturing and real estate development in East Africa and in Africa as a whole.



Ensure sustainable customer’s and equity owners’ satisfaction, maximized market share and improve efficiency and profitability through the application of modern technology and deploying of qualified manpower.



  • Innovation
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Quality 
  • Efficiency
  • Respect
  • Ethics and social responsibility
  • Employees welfare

Materials for Dyeing Acrylic Yarn

  • 100% Gray Acrylic Yarn
  • Colors
  • Chemicals

Types of Acrylic Yarn

  • Hanil 250/100 Gm
  • Hanil White 250/100 Gm

Management and Organizational Structure

The board of directors is the highest decision making body of the company.

The current organizational structure



Board Members

Mr. Yisimashewa Siyum
Mr. Yisimashewa SiyumBoard of Director
Mr.Wondwossen Teshome
Mr.Wondwossen TeshomeBoard Member
Eng. Mesifin Asfaw
Eng. Mesifin AsfawBoard Member
Mr.Eskinder Alemayehu
Mr.Eskinder AlemayehuBoard Member
Mr.Fasil Asnake
Mr.Fasil AsnakeBoard Member
Mr.Abay Zimbelachew
Mr.Abay ZimbelachewBoard Member

Management Members

Like the company’s own life cycle, the organization and management of KK has gone through a series of stages of development. The company that started with one man and a single room office is equipped with highly qualified team of dedicated employees who play instrumental role for the company’s success. Now KK has established systems of policies, procedures and  technologies which support its decisions, actions and effort.

KK is one of the few private companies that provid policy and strategic leadership by a board that is formed with non-resident directors appointed by the shareholders based on the relevance of their qualification and reach experiences.

The company has over 600 employees and qualified and experienced management members with hands on business experience. The board of directors is the highest decision making body of the company.

Mr.Ayalew Addisu
Mr.Ayalew AddisuDeputy General Manager
Mr.Faris Hiruy
Mr.Faris HiruyManager: Industry Department
Mr.Robel Kebede (MBA)
Mr.Robel Kebede (MBA)Manager: Export operation and Sales &Marketing
Mr.Tsegasew Desalegn
Mr.Tsegasew DesalegnManager: Finance and Treasury Department
Mr.Gedlu Belete
Mr.Gedlu BeleteManager: Internal Auditor
Mr.Yonas Haile
Mr.Yonas HaileHead:ICT Service
Mr.Tesfaeyesus Yitbarke
Mr.Tesfaeyesus YitbarkeManager:Human Resource & Property Adm. Dept.
Mr.Sireat Ayele
Mr.Sireat AyeleManager:Realestate Department
Ms.Efrata Hailemariam
Ms.Efrata HailemariamManager: Supply Chain