Pulses are delicious, protein-packed, affordable and earth-friendly foods. KK strives to meet the growing need for these products, all the while, maintaining an excellence in quality. We believe strongly in the products we trade, their nutritional benefits, and their role in making the world a healthier place.

KK ’s distinguishing factor lies in our effective management of the supply chain. Our procurement starts directly from the origin. In the mission to ensure that the highest quality product is delivered to our customers at competitive prices.

The list of Pulses dealt by kk is as below,


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Red Kidney Beans

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Speckled Kidney Beans

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Fact on Pulses

Pulses are consumed by the kilo in Africa and Asia, but surprisingly absent on Western menus. That is about to change; the secret is out about pulses.

This ancient food crop has formed an essential part of diets all over the world for thousands of years, from Esau’s biblical bowl of lentil stew to the dhal Mahatma Gandhi lived on. And when it comes to today’s dietary and environmental challenges, pulses have many answers as they are high in protein and fibre, and low in fat.

New Ways to Eat an Ancient Staple Food

- Pancakes: Seasoned chickpea flour can make a nutritious, gluten-free alternative to breakfast pancakes that can be topped with sweet or savoury foods.

Snacks: To beat the mid-morning munchies, oven-roast some pre-cooked lentils with sunflower oil, chili flakes, garlic powder and a pinch of oregano for a punchy, crunchy snack.
Burgers: For a healthier, burger or vegetarian option, kidney beans can be mashed, seasoned and oven cooked. Borlotti, butter beans or chickpeas can also be used. Beans can be used as a complementary ingredient. Create a 100% black bean burger, OR add 50% black beans to your beef for a new approach!
Cakes: Black beans can be a secret ingredient to a rich, gluten-free chocolate cake
Potatoes: White beans added to mashed potatoes are an awesome way to mix up the traditional dish. Blending pulses as a partner or a replacement is a great way to improve protein intake without changing your meal plan.